Nathan + Gilligan Cuddle Clones

Nathan + Gilligan Cuddle Clones

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**Receive two free coloring books with each Nathan "Cuddle Clone" purchase ($20 value)**

Save $10 when you buy the pair!! Gilligan is Nathan's "sidekick"..."little buddy"..."pain in the butt" you really should have BOTH Cuddle Clones. They will most definitely be collector's items.  Although each Nathan and Gilligan doll will be made the same size, position and appearance as pictured ), no two will be exactly alike because they're made by hand, not mass produced. (Jammies NOT included)

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And!!!! Cuddle Clones can create YOUR OWN dog (or pet)! We can vouch for their quality, customer service and excitement you will feel when pulling your special Cuddle Clone out of the box and giving it a big hug!! Plus, check out all their other Cuddle Clone products too!! Great gift ideas!

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