Coloring Book-32 pages

Coloring Book-32 pages

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A coloring book with not only Nathan & Gilligan illustrations, but also includes 37 dog friends we've met through Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue, Naked K9, our families' furry dogs PLUS a few critters who aren't dogs at all.

8.5 x 11 inside pages are printed on 70# Accent Super Smooth Digital Text. Saddle-stitched with heavier weight cover.

The adorable cast of characters in this book include: Luca, Nathan, Gilligan, Taco (f. Adam), Versace, Gracie, Chulo (f. Daniel), Braden, Marty, Enana & Sipan, Pandi (f. Freckles), Harold, Ronan, Lorcan & Valentine, Diamond, Clover & Selena, Hunter, Al, Hayes, Lily, Casper, Timber Chip, Demi & Kramer, Beans (f. Kojack), Neil Patrick Hairless, Archie, Blanca, Owen, Pinky, Veronica, PopTart, Danica, Waldo & Carmen

Copyright ©2018 by 39design / Tina S. Hicks  
All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission
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