52-Week Planner

52-Week Planner

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This high quality, 5.5 x 8.5 folded, saddle-stitched, 52-week planner is 68 pages!!

Every double page spread is different. Unlike a calendar with set dates...you can start writing in this nice size planner any time of the year. You fill in the dates! Keep lists, notes, schedules...use it as a journal. Makes a great gift for dog lovers! Layout, photos and illustrations are by Nathan's personal graphic designer (his "mom.")

A portion of profits will be donated to Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue.

Dancing Nathan and "hot mess" Gilligan are rescued, hairless chinese cresteds who have won the hearts of over 83,000 fans on Facebook and 9700 viewers on Instagram. Many of Dancing Nathan's videos have gone viral and have been aired on the Ellen Show, Good Morning America, ABC World News, Ridiculousness and TruTV, among many other entertainment shows. Rude Tube, Animal Planet and NatGeo Wild featured stories about Nathan and his incredible dancing talent.

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